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About Cool Fox Refrigerated Vans

What separates Cool Fox from the rest?

Cool Fox Trucks builds the highest quality refrigerated vans, insulated vans and trucks for customers across the United States from our production facility in the New York  metropolitan area. We make a tremendous effort to ensure that every project we complete has an OEM level of fit and finish as well as unrivaled longevity.

  • Skilled Employees – The backbone of the Cool Fox process, our shop is home to an experienced team of technicians who take pride in producing only the best refrigerated vans.
  • Proven Design – For durability, resale, and temperature performance nobody compares to Cool Fox.
  • Evolution – Leveraging our end user relationships, Cool Fox is constantly improving our products based on feedback from the people who know what works best – our customers.
  • Leadership and Honesty – Working alongside a solid team in the shop while keeping an open line of communication with customers, management ensures that every Cool Fox vehicle exceeds the expectations of its new owner.
  • Quality in = Quality Out – Only the highest quality components are utilized at Cool Fox throughout our production process. We do not “cut corners” or use sub-par materials, it’s just not what we do or who we are.

Refrigerated Van Floor

Foam Wheel Well Comparison

We make sure there are no gaps or holes (which would promote condensation and offer a lower R value) whereas others do not. Recently, we had a truck we did not build in the shop for some updating, notice the difference on the wheel box insulation.

Recently, a refrigerated van we did not build was in our shop for some improvements, notice the difference on the wheel box insulation.

  • Poorly Built Refrigerated Van

    Empty Wheel box

  • Properly Built Refrigerated Van

    Full Wheel box

Premium Materials

Premium materials yield premium results – Only Cool Fox uses tamper proof Stainless Steel hardware where others use inferior fasteners that corrode and fail quickly.

  • Poorly Built Refrigerated Van
  • Properly Built Refrigerated Van
  • Poorly Built Refrigerated Van
  • Properly Built Refrigerated Van

OEM Fit and Finish

Strong illustration of what separates Cool Fox from the rest, notice the two “thru-roof” cuts and overall disorganized appearance of a competitor’s installation on the left, this
adds to potential failure points and looks nothing like a Cool Fox installation.

Click Here to see some of our quality installations!

  • Poorly Built Refrigerated Vans
  • Properly Built Refrigerated Vans